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Hear what our patients have to say

"I met Dr. Brenda Rooney at a Health Fair that was held at the Ledgewood Mall in New Jersey about 5 years ago. She gave me information about herself and her practice. After reading the chiropractic literature, I made an appointment for an examination and evaluation. I had constant neck and back pain, as well as feeling tired all the time. Dr. Rooney took the time to conduct a full examination, digital x-rays and spinal scans. She discussed the results with me and what course of action should be taken.

I started chiropractic care immediately and there was relief. Dr. Rooney physically makes you feel better, and she takes time to educate you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I had been to other chiropractors and they ask "what are the problems." Dr. Rooney examines you and tells you the problems she finds. I am able now to pin point where my pain is coming from and Dr. Rooney makes sure to treat those areas.

After two hand surgeries, 3 years ago, my hand looked like a claw. After the surgery I went to physical therapy for 4 months, 3 times a week and saw no improvement. I was having difficulty using my dominant hand, unable to write, pick up objects and do everyday activities that required the use of my hand. Dr. Rooney used deep tissue massage, ultra sound, thermo heat, as well as other techniques to stretch the tendons. She broke up the scar tissue that had formed from the surgeries. This enabled an increase of motion in my hand. It has been an on going process and I am gaining more strength and use of my hand over time.

The office staff at Optimal Family Chiropractic is very friendly. These wonderful people will help you. I can call and they will make sure that Dr. Rooney is available to see me.

BUT remember it doesn't happen overnight. An important key is MAINTENANCE.

I recently moved to Delaware but still come to New Jersey so Dr. Rooney can continue to keep me healthy."

Ann Marie S.

Lincoln, Delaware

"I first visited Dr. Rooney about my back and jaw pain only to learn a month and a half after beginning treatments that I was pregnant with my first child. Dr. Rooney has continued my care throughout my entire pregnancy and I could not be more pleased. My back and TMJ pain have almost completely subsided—amazing!

I also attribute my relatively easy and symptom free pregnancy in part to her work and expertise. Thank you!"

I am definitely ready to come back for maintenance chiropractic care.

Wendy L.

Rockaway, New Jersey

"I had low back pain for about 20 years and finally it became so severe that I couldn't walk.

I met Dr. Brenda Rooney at a community fair, Netcong Day, and spoke to her about my low back pain. I was very impressed by Dr. Rooney's knowledge and decided to make an appointment in hopes of resolving my low back pain.

During my initial visit Dr. Rooney conducted a thorough physical examination and discovered that I had one leg shorter than the other. She determined that I needed Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers.

Since wearing spinal stabilizers and receiving regular spinal adjustments I feel so much better. The pain has been greatly relieved and I am able to walk again."

Judith B.

Hopatcong, New Jersey

"I knew I needed a chiropractor towards the beginning of my 2nd trimester of pregnancy because of horrible migraines I was getting daily. My neck felt stiff and I was in constant pain. I was lucky and "found" Dr. Rooney on my insurance company's website. She did a full evaluation and even without taking x-rays was quickly able to tell where my trouble spots were. She did my first adjustment that day and I have not had a headache since! I am only now weeks away from delivering and she's fabulous at finding the exact spots in my neck and /or back that trouble me and helping me to feel as comfortable as possible. I'm anxious to continue my treatments after I deliver and have Dr. Rooney help me get my body back to 'normal'.

My 2 year old son, Seth, is also a patient of Dr. Rooney's. He was diagnosed with multiple food allergies at 10 months. He had about 40 allergies at the time, which went down to about 20 when he turned 2. That 20 included quite a few environmental allergies he picked up as well. Dr. Rooney mentioned to me how chiropractic can help with allergies, so my husband and I decided to try it out with Seth. Seth has been seeing Dr. Rooney for only a short while, but he has already outgrown 1 major food allergy (wheat) and his eczema has been the best it's ever been."


Hackettstown, New Jersey

"I've had headaches since college and they've been getting much worse over the last six months. I also have stomach aches and reflux disease. Over the counter medicines did not help my headaches, and prescription medication has not provided any real improvement of the stomach pain and reflux disease.

A friend suggested that I see Dr. Rooney, so I came in as a new patient at the end of November 2010.

It's mid-February 2011 now, and my headaches are gone and my stomach aches have all but disappeared. I feel better and stronger. It is so nice now being able to live each day without worrying about what kind of pain I might experience. "

Susan V.

Stanhope, New Jersey

"In March 2011, I was in a motor vehicle accident. I was hit from behind and my neck was injured. Afterward, I had problems bending and turning my neck and upper back which interfered with my activities of daily living. Also as a result of the motor vehicle accident, I suffered upper mid back and low back stiffness.

I heard of Dr. Rooney through friends. I looked at her website and made an appointment for an examination. She initiated treatment with ultrasound, electrical stimulation and the activator technique, because I was afraid of the "cracking" sound of a traditional adjustment. After the third day of treatment my neck was feeling a little better. After two weeks my mid to low back stiffness was gone. I was able to walk and stand for periods of time with no pain. In addition, I had severe irritable bowel syndrome and since Dr. Rooney has been adjusting me the symptoms have decreased and are improving. My stomach does not even bother me anymore!

Now five months later, I experience only occasional stiffness and some pulling with little pain depending on how I rotate my neck and the activities I do.

Dr. Rooney is very patient and understanding. She responds to the individual needs of each of her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Rooney to everyone."

Debbie D.

Dover, New Jersey

"I've experienced lower back pain on and off for 10 years. When my back is out, I can't function - can't sit or stand. Driving my car is very painful.

I went to see Dr. Brenda Rooney after finding her practice on the internet. Dr. Rooney performed a thorough examination and started a program of electric-stimulation and chiropractic adjustments.

After 10 visits, the pain is completely gone. My back is in alignment. I'm on maintenance therapy now to keep my back in alignment."

John P.

Budd Lake, New Jersey

"I was seriously injured in May 2010 suffering a tibial plateau fracture to my left leg. My leg was repaired surgically with a plate, screws and bone grafting. My knee was compromised as a result of the surgery, leaving me with the feeling of stiffness and the sensation that my knee was being held in a vice.

A neighbor suggested I see Dr. Rooney.

Dr. Rooney has done deep tissue massage on my left leg as well as stretching out some very tight muscles in my calf and Achilles tendon. This has enabled an increase in motion. After several sessions I am able to walk down a flight of stairs normally again. "

Jacquelyn T.

Succasunna, New Jersey

"I have been seeing Dr. Rooney for almost 4 months and had originally been treated by her for carpal tunnel. A few weeks into my treatments I did something to myself that caused a neck and back muscle flare-up that was incredibly painful. Dr. Rooney diagnosed the cause of this flare-up and treated it. I am now pain free and feel 100% better. "


Budd Lake, New Jersey