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An Integral Part of Wellness

Our office is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed a training program to become a Science Based Nutrition affiliated practice. This training has provided us with a scientific method of determining whether or not your diet is providing you with the nutrients necessary to maintain your body's optimal health. The laboratory testing will specify the diet, vitamins and supplements that your body will need to return to full wellness.

With all of the vitamins and supplements available on the market nowadays things can be confusing. Using the Science Based Nutrition program, we are now able to make vitamin and nutrient recommendations specific to your own body's needs along with dietary changes, and then monitor your progress. The personal health analysis we provide for you at the end of your testing is vital to your long term health.

The science based lab tests we perform will indicate if you are progressing towards the development of any serious illnesses or conditions. Not only is this the most important tool for disease prevention, but it is also useful for those who wish to optimize the health of their bodies from the inside out.

Retesting allows us to monitor your progress and make necessary changes to your personal program according to how your body responds to treatment.

We are excited to announce the new program our office is providing. Take the road to better health...start by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Rooney.

Early detection and correction are the key elements to living a healthy life! We look forward to serving your nutritional needs.