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Weight Loss Programs

Here at Optimal Family Chiropractic, LLC, and Mt. Olive Weight Loss, LLC, we are dedicated to patient wellness and happiness through programs like our unique Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program and Contour Light Body Sculpting Therapy Program. These two programs assist our patients in gaining a healthier lifestyle and a long lasting healthier you.

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Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

Using real food, natural dietary supplements, and engaging counseling from the doctor, this weight loss program is personalized to give you the best results.

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Contour Light

Contour Light Body Sculpting Therapy is a supporting method for weight loss and targets places on the body where fat is resistant to shedding. It works by shining LED light directly onto a patient’s skin – causing extra fat cells (adipose) in the body to gather together, travel through the lymphatic system, and exit the body through waste.

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