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Patient Forms

Please Thoroughly Read All the Information on this Page

Prior to your visit, please use the following links to fill out these forms that will provide the needed information about your health history and insurance coverage. The forms are formatted in ShareFile and will prove you the opportunity to fill them out electronically and submit them immediately upon completion.

Upon your submission, you must verify your identity by accessing your email and clicking 'Confirm Document' within a ShareFile Confirmation Email, otherwise Optimal Family Chiropractic, LLC, will not receive the submission and you will NOT be seen by the doctor.

If you are a New Patient who has scheduled their first appointment for Chiropractic Care from Optimal Family Chiropractic, LLC,

Please complete ALL of the following forms:

If you are an Established Patient who has received Chiropractic Care at Optimal Family Chiropractic, LLC, but has not received Chiropractic Care within the last 2 months,

Please complete ONLY the following form: